Often enterprises must again occupy leading positions at short notice. The causes for this can be different. For example: 

A new division is to be developed, for example abroad. During the starting period a manager with excellent knowledge of the state-specific authority and social structures is needed.

Illness, accident etc., which led to a longer loss of a high-level personnel.

Managers leave the enterprise at short notice, and new occupation is not to be broken over the knee, and/or the successor is only available after a longer period.

The intended enterprise successor decided differently.

The enterprise must accomplish hard measures, in order to adapt to the market situation. In such cases an external manager is nearly always, the best solution. 

In such situations an enterprise needs reliable partners, which stand at short notice for the overcoming of temporary bottlenecks in the management for order.

A temporally limited occupation from total responsible positions, in addition, can be for individual divisions for an enterprise of existential importance.

Here we can offer our services with a background from over 10 years.

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